At Otus innovations, we are committed to respecting the privacy of the personal information that we collect.

Collection of personal information

We do not collect any personal information on this website.

Log files and cookies

We make use of the Google Analytics and Facebook service which collects certain information via log files and cookies. It consists primarily of the following information:

  • IP Address
  • Operating system
  • Pages visited and requested
  • Time and date of login

The collection of these files allows to improve our service and are for statistical purposes. We do not collect any information allowing Google Analytics to personally identify an individual.

We also use the services of Facebook’s custom audiences which uses cookies to track visitors to this web site and create targeted ads.

Right of refusal and withdrawal

We commit to offering you a right of refusal and the right to withdraw your personal information. As we do not keep any personal information on our servers and that only cookies are used, we can’t withdraw you from any list ourselves. However, you can circumvent the cookies by emptying the cache and cookies from your browser (type “delete cookies” in your browser to find the way to do this).

You can also visit the site to find the procedure to circumvent the targeted advertising from Facebook.